Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Staff Holiday Party

It has been a fifteen year (or more) tradition here at Scott elementary for the teachers to give white elephant gifts at the annual holiday staff party. One special gift has been a big part of the annual tradition - the "Christmas Iguana." I was honored to receive this special present and wanted everyone to know how proud I am to share this honor in the tradition of many teachers before me and have displayed the Iguana for all to see. It is very fun to work at Scott Elementary! 

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Center Time Has Begun!

All students in Kindergarten through third grade have begun using learning centers. The centers are listed below:
  • Groovy Shapes - Create music and explore instrument sounds on the computer
  • Coloring (Kindergarten and 1st Grade)
  • Music Note Worksheet (2nd and 3rd Grades)
  • Lego's - Students may create anything as long as it is a pattern
  • Music Ace - Learn the basics of music theory through a fun computer game
  • Reading - Students may look at any of over 30 books that are illustrated songs or stories about instruments and composers
  • Keyboard - Experience high and low sounds and a wide variety of accompaniments while exploring in our piano keyboard center.
  • ABC Cards - Practice the ABC's of music through simple games (K and 1st)
  • Drums - Work as a team to read and play using rhythm cards (2nd and 3rd)
The students go to each center with their team of three or four and will rotate to a different station each time they come to class, so that they can experience each concept with their team.  After everyone has experienced the center, the centers will be expanded or changed so that there is always something new to learn or explore.  

Ask your young musician which stations they have done in class and share what they have learned.  We can always use feedback to help us improve our centers and to make this time the best learning experience possible.